Tesla Cybertruck-Inspired Micro Tiny Home (Part 8)

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Published on January 3rd, 2021 | by Kurt Lowder

January 3rd, 2021 by  

I am pleased to announce that the Micro Tiny Project has more than reached its initial goal. So far we have raised over $5,095. Alekz Londos and I really want to thank the CleanTechnica audience for donating so much, and for giving us feedback along the way. Due to the incredibly positive feedback about the project, we will continue to raise funds to build as many Micro Tiny Homes as possible.

The first Micro Tiny Home has been safely parked in the same location for roughly two weeks and Ken is having an amazing time in his Micro Tiny Home. He has had all kinds of visitors, including the local new station which did the wonderful story below. This well designed story really made the donations continue to pour in.

Ken’s wheelchair had been stolen recently, and multiple people who donated insisted that we get him a new one.  And wouldn’t you know it, we were able to get it just in time for Christmas.  As you can see in the story, Ken even received some Christmas cards and well wishes which have been attached to the exterior of the Micro Tiny Home.

Alekz is working on version two of the micro tiny home. We have done away with the framing and just gone with an exoskeleton design as previously mentioned. Surprisingly, we do not even need L-brackets for added strength. The 23/32 inch sustainably sourced plywood is strong enough to support the entire structure with just screws. This is most exciting because it means faster construction.  

Who knows just how far the Micro Tiny Home Pilot Project will go, but it is progressing very nicely. If the donations continue to come in we may try to hire some laborers to build more homes at a faster pace. Hopefully, we will get some volunteers as well, but we will likely experiment with both avenues. Multiple people have contacted us about building more.  Were it not for COVID19, we would be considering workshops with many volunteers.

One of its goals is to provide a short to medium term solution that makes the public happier about seeing homeless being allowed to shelter in place. There has to be a balance between seeing shantytowns versus the homeless callously herded around like cattle. About a week ago, a homeless encampment in Santa Cruz, California was abruptly relocated right before Christmas. In this video you can see how so many tents are barely holding together. Many were broken or modified with additional tarps because they were not warm enough. 

If they would have been in Micro Tiny Homes, the move would have been much easier.  In fact, they probably would not have been asked to move in the first place because the Micro Tiny Home looks so sharp.

The pilot project now has a far better website with preliminary plans on it. We will continue to improve the plans as we work with others to build more. Part 9 is coming soon. We are looking forward to showing you the solar panel and window that will be installed on the next version. The graphic seen below is available at www.microtinyhome.com.

Additionally, we hope the Micro Tiny Home Pilot Project stirs all kinds of solutions in people’s minds. Who knows what the future may bring, but we believe in the human spirit and equally in human innovation. 

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