Tesla Vehicles Could Be Able To Call 911 During An Emergency

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Published on January 3rd, 2021 | by Johnna Crider

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Imagine this scenario: You are in some type of emergency situation and you need to dial 911. Whether it’s a car wreck, someone is attacking you while you’re in your car, or some other emergency. You reach for your phone, dial out, but there’s no signal. This happened to a Tesla owner, Richard, who shared his experience with Elon Musk with a specific request.

He needed to call 911 but his phone had no signal. “My Model 3 did have service and I tried everything but could not call emergency services. Could save lives,” he explained in his tweet.

This is an incredibly scary experience — needing to call for help and not being able to due to no signal. I’ve never been in that situation, but can only imagine the stress of it. Elon Musk responded to Richard with one word, “Absolutely.” This tells me that it will happen. Elon keeps his promises, from what I have seen.

Again, that’s just my own personal opinion and other articles have noted that it’s not clear if Elon Musk would roll this feature out.

Another idea was brought forth by the Tesla Motors Reddit Moderator on Twitter, and I think it’s pretty genius.

Having your car give you the option to use an SOS feature to contact 911, share your location with emergency services, and drive you to the hospital is genius. If the car was involved in a wreck, it may not be able to just up and rush to the hospital. However, this idea could save lives in the event a driver may have had a heart attack or some other issue that makes them pass out while driving.

Having some type of feature that allows the car to know you are in distress and are unable to communicate or request assistance is definitely innovative. Being able to call for help — send some type of signal that you are in distress — would help people who are stranded due to whatever car issue they may have (flat tire, being in a hit and run, etc.).

This is just one of many reasons Tesla owners and supporters love Tesla and Elon Musk. You don’t see the CEOs of Ford, Porsche, or Daimler interacting with their customers in this manner. If you have an idea and pitch it to Elon Musk, there’s a chance he will see it, respond to it, and even implement it.

An Off-Topic Idea Involving Pizza

One of the things that Elon is known for on Twitter is actually some of the interesting replies he gets. The tweet below is completely off the topic of this article, but I thought it was pretty funny.



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