1887 HP Rimac C_Two Electric Supercar Is Officially Sold Out

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Cars Rimac C_Two Electric Supercar

Published on January 19th, 2021 | by Jo Borrás

January 19th, 2021 by  

There are too many rich people in the world. Or, more accurately, there are just the right number of rich people in the world, and my problem is that I am not one of them. If I were, however, the odds are good that I’d have a nearly $2,000,000 Rimac C_Two hypercar on order since, you know, all the other rich guys seem to — because the entire run of 1887 HP Rimac C_Two electric supercars is officially sold out.

Rimac C_Two electric supercar

Image courtesy Rimac.

“While it is not unusual for hypercars to be sold out before they go into production, that is usually only the case for established brands, like Ferrari,” Rimac’s CEO, Mate Rimac explained. But, despite his expertise in the field and the fact that heavy-hitting sportscar brands like Porsche have paid serious money to pick Mate’s brain, selling out so quickly seems to have genuinely surprised him. “Customers are very interested in the car but (usually) want to see how things play out — they want to try (the C_Two) before committing and see reviews. We are fully in line with that and have never pushed customers to commit before trying the car.”

Once customers do get a chance to sample the car, the 1887 HP monster should warp their sense of what’s possible in a car with a 0-60 time around 2 seconds and 0-100 time somewhere in the low 4s on its way to a 258 MPH top speed. Most people have never driven/ridden anything that’s even close to that, of course, and Mate wants to make sure everyone who has committed to one of the 150 C_Twos slated for production gets what they paid for. “What I am working day and night on is to make sure that the car is as perfect as possible, and that it delivers everything we have promised.”

Rimac C_Two electric supercar

Pre-production builds underway, courtesy Rimac.

To that end, pre-production of the Rimac C_Two got underway last month, with a goal of building up to four C-Two supercars per week. That initial build will see 6 pre-production cars (or, “pre-series” cars, in Rimac-speak) get built as basically production-spec C_Twos, to ensure that fit and finish, driveability, VNH levels, and reliability of the cars coming off the line are as they should be. “Assembling each C_Two pre-series car takes around 8 weeks,” according to a Rimac statement, “cutting the production time in half compared to the ‘nest production’ used before the production line was created and allowing for the build of four final vehicles a month at full capacity.”

Mate himself talked through the pre-production process in a “Mondays with Mate” video released just before Christmas of last year. Take a few minutes and watch it below, and then scroll on down to the comments section and let us know what you think of Rimac’s $2 million cruise missile being sold out. Even better, let us know what color you ordered yours in!

Rimac C_Two Pre-Series Start of Production

Source | ImagesRimac, via Top Gear


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